Halloween Fifteen #14: Halloween: Resurrection

Halloween: Resurrection is replacing Tales from the Dead for Halloween Fifteen, because that film has been taken off of Netflix instant and I cannot find it anywhere. Oh well! We’ll have to catch it next time. And Resurrection is better-timed anyway, because tomorrow is Halloween, which I can’t believe and I’m not ready for it at all!

Aside from all of that mumbo-jumbo, Halloween: Resurrection is a sequel that works off of Halloween: H20 (see Halloween Fifteen review), picking up after Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis, who reprises her role one last time) beheads her brother, attempting to end the legacy. Halloween: Resurrection shows us that despite the total beheading of Michael Myers, he’s still alive – he switched his mask with an unlucky paramedic right before they loaded his body into the ambulance. Now Laurie has gone totally bonkers, and she’s been staying in a mental hospital in an ironic twist.

Since it’s the early ’00s, people are still obsessed with webcams, Yahoo! chats, and Palm Pilots, and Busta Rhymes wants to bring some reality TV to the Internet-viewing fanbase he’s created with his Dangertainment brand. He’s decided that a way to suck viewers into watching some stupid Internet show is 1) his dreads and 2) filming from the old Myers house! What could be a better idea than getting a bunch of college kids together with cameras on their heads, sticking them in a serial killer’s house on Halloween, especially after Michael Myers has made his getaway? Well, the other movies in the series would be better, but since we’re watching Resurrection, that plotline will have to do.

If you’re going into Resurrection thinking you’re getting a quality Halloween film from days of yore, you will be seriously disappointed. But if you’ve seen the films directly before this one, then it should be clear where the series has been headed all the time. There’s a small place in my heart for Resurrection simply because it’s a Halloween film; the other 20% of my appreciation for the film stems from not one, but two quality black characters in this film (Busta Rhymes is basically himself and I’m thankful for that; Sean Patrick Thomas is simply devoted to food, and I also can’t imagine Resurrection without him). But honestly, Resurrection is a very poor film, and it’s probably worse than H20 because the premise is just so stupid!

Bianca Kajlich does what she can as Final Girl Sara to help sustain the film, but she’s portrayed so plain that it’s almost like she’s not a character at all. The same is true of Myles (Ryan Merriman), who is Sara’s love interest over the Internet. His character is so endearing that he would have made a good main character, but Resurrection doesn’t spend enough time with him to make it work. He stands on the outskirts as sort of a deus ex machina, and it cheapens the plot because of the easy way the plot is wrapped up.

Still, if you can ignore the dumber aspects of Resurrection - namely most of the characters, the kills, what have you – then you might be able to find the film fun. I know I sure do, especially when I stop looking critically at it and instead watch it for what it is. Let’s face it: the later sequels will never live up to what Halloween used to be. But fans can still appreciate the later films for what they are – mindless fun fueled only by the use of Michael Myers.

Halloween: Resurrection on Rotten Tomatoes

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  • http://www.themoonisadeadworld.net/ Ryne Barber

    I did go pretty easy on this didn’t I? I know it’s not a good film and all, but somehow I can forgive all of that! Not sure why.

  • http://twitter.com/Wings1295 Caffeinated Joe

    Good golly you are kind to this mess. Have I watched it more than once? Yes, because it has Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. But it is such a freaking cash cow that it barely hides the fact that it could have been a good tale. Somethings could have worked (like the Laurie bit, had it been used at the end of the film instead of the beginning, and had Laurie vanished after she fell, ala Michael in Part 1). But what really degrades this whole shebang is the scene with Freddie YELLING at Michael, scolding him and then Michael turns tail and retreats… WTF? Cannot come back from that. Sad end to the original series of films.

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