The Noose: Christopher Pike decides he’s been irrelevant for too long, does interview with Diabolique AND writes a new book

Diabolique magazine has a new interview with Christopher Pike coming up in their 13th issue this month. Pike, who was a popular horror writer for young adults (including myself) in the ’90s, has been taking a break from the whole write-a-novel-most-people-don’t-appreciate career. Now, however, he’s got a new book out – Witch World, his first in a couple of years – and he’s giving an exclusive interview.

For fans of his older novels, this is quite the find, especially because Pike has been gone for so long. It will be interesting to read how Pike feels about horror today, and also whether he thinks that the books made for young adults should be toned down or if they should be just as suspenseful as his used to be.

Check out the new issue of Diabolique in stores, order it here.
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