Maybe It’s Mayoween: Celebrating Halloween in May, and Needing Your Help

I’m feeling a bit depressed that Halloween seems so far awanstead of waiting for the holiday, I’m y. So itaking it upon myself to create my own holiday in May.

As many of you know, I do the Halloween Fifteen in October – fifteen films, fifteen reviews from myself, and fifteen guest bloggers who contribute with their own reviews. I want to do the same thing for Mayoween, but instead of picking the movies myself, I would like each guest reviewer to pick their own movie. Bring a personal interest to the posts, that sort of thing.

I’m looking for (at least) fifteen bloggers who would be interested in contributing. So far I have one person that I know of who will be reviewing Waxwork. Please let me know if you’d like to participate, and what film you’d like to take! I’d need reviews by the beginning of May!

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  • Maynard Morrissey

    Hey! Super-cool idea, I’d do “Trick R Treat” if you want me to be a part of Mayoween :)

    Also, I think I know a couple of peeps who would participate as well. Lemme know!

  • Kweeny Todd

    I’d be interested for sure. I love Halloween!

    • Kweeny Todd

      I’d love to do the original Halloween.