The Noose: New posters for Fantasm and You’re Next

Poster for Fantasm
fantasm poster

The horror convention documentary Fantasm recently revealed a poster for the film. The doc, directed by Kyle Kuchta, seeks to explore the horror convention community, featuring interviews with genre fans as well as some well-known actors including Heather Langenkamp and Tom Atkins. The film is currently in post-production.

Visit the documentary’s Facebook page.

Poster for You’re Next from San Diego Comic Con

you're next poster

I’m never able to get to any conventions, much less San Diego Comic Con, but that’s okay because sometimes news trickles to me anyway. Lionsgate released this new poster for the home invasion flick You’re Next, which takes advantage of the animal masks the killers wear in the film by offering up an animal-faced blueprint of a home. Pretty clever if you ask me.

The movie hits theaters August 23.

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