Horror Out of Context: Big Brother 15

blood! bolts! bandages!

The cast of Big Brother 15 has had enough public displays of racism, homophobia, child pornography, and sexual frustration to fuel an exploitation sex romp, but the other day’s episode featured a veto competition with a setting built for a B-movie. The game, called “Blood! Bolts! Bandages!,” was held in the backyard of the Big Brother house and featured different areas and props perfect for a monster film.

blood! bolts! bandages! 2

The housemates were quizzed on the number of items in each area. For example, brains were held in test tubes, and the cast had to try to guess how many total brains were in the area.

blood! bolts! bandages! 3

It was a surprisingly elaborate set for such the game, and Big Brother obviously spent a lot of time coming up with the props. Good on you, BB crew – you made me feel like it was Halloween in August!

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  • jervaise brooke hamster

    I want to bugger and tit-fuck Dolly Parton (as the bird was in 1964 when the bird was 18, not as the bird is now obviously).

  • The Moon Is A Dead World

    Jervaise, EVERYBODY in the world wants to bugger and tit-fuck the 18 year-old version of Dolly Parton, THATS A GIVEN ! ! !.

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