Sometimes I get cool stuff in the mail; the downside is most of the time I have to buy it myself. But yesterday I got a pretty sweet package in the mail, and I knew exactly who it was from.

When you get stuff from DC Comics or Vertigo, it comes in a long, plain manila envelope – an unassuming package, although you can tell it has a thin paper-like object inside. There’s a sticker on the outside, though, that lists the sender’s address and my own. On the sticker, it says:

Ryne Barber
The Moon is a Dead World

and I think that’s pretty cool because it’s almost like my small blog is some big company DC Comics is sending stuff to.

american vampire anthology #1

Anyway, in the envelope was American Vampire Anthology #1. I’ve been receiving American Vampire stuff on and off from the company (American Vampire Vol. 4 review coming soon), and normally I get an anthology from Vertigo close to Halloween because that’s when they release these compilations. It’s always a treat.

I can’t wait to crack into this guy, because it’s got a ton of great writers and artists attached to it. Looks like a can’t-miss.

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  • Drew Van Ess

    That’s awesome. I’d love to get my hands on one of these and check it out! Do review it when you’re done.