Halloween 2013: Jones’ Terror of Blood Orange Soda!

jones terror of blood orange soda 1

Jones Soda Co. makes a number of weird drinks for the holidays. You’ve probably seen their line of Thanksgiving dinner sodas, with odd flavors like Turkey and Sweet Potato. They’ve also got some of the best sugar cane sodas out there, with unique (but drinkable) flavors. For Halloween, though, Jones always brings out their holiday-themed beverages, and this year I ponied up the money to get a 4-pack of the Terror of Blood Orange mini-cans.

Terror of Blood Orange features a picture of Dracula on the label, because who else would be appropriate for the bloodiest of fruits? Blood orange is a flavor that I can’t get enough of as is; I love the fruit, and it’s my favorite orange to eat as much because of its beautiful color as its taste. Out of the different flavors they have to try (Candy Corn, Red Licorice, or Caramel Apple), Blood Orange stuck out the most, so I picked this guy up at Target.

jones terror of blood orange soda 2

First thing’s first – Terror of Blood Orange isn’t extremely sweet, as blood orange can often be. The flavor of the fruit is actually a cross between an orange and a grapefruit: very sweet, but with a hint of bitterness as well. Terror of Blood Orange hits that perfectly, because the sweetness doesn’t immediately destroy your taste buds. The bitterness is there in the back of your mouth, and the liquid retains that taste once swallowed. It’s got a very pleasant aftertaste.

jones terror of blood orange soda 3

As you can see by the picture (ignore the Panera cup, it’s all I had), Terror of Blood Orange has a red-orangish color to it, very close to a ruby red grapefruit. Sometimes blood oranges tend to have a purple hue to them, but for the purposes of this soda for Halloween, the color makes sense.

Finally, we’ve got to hit on the carbonation. It’s lightly carbonated, with just a hint of fizz for mouthfeel. It doesn’t foam that much when poured, and there’s it’s very light. I think, for blood orange, this is appropriate, because I wouldn’t want the flavor overpowered with a lot of carbonation.

Overall, Jones’ Terror of Blood Orange is super tasty, and it’s a gruesome way to spice up a Halloween party. I’d recommend spiking with a black rum – I’ve had good experience with blood orange juice and Kraken, and it tends to make a nice dark red color. I haven’t tried it with this soda yet, but I think I just might later tonight.

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  • Sarah

    Drinking it now – delish.

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